The world's first triple driver
true wireless earbuds

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The best sound.

3 speaker drivers in each earbud.

That's a total of 6 components producing sound. A first for true wireless earbuds. 

Market-leading longevity.

12 hours of playback in each earbud.

Plus another 36 hours in the case. Nothing else on the market even comes close. 

Its quite simple:

The best-sounding, most detailed true wireless earbuds ever made. 

Better components make all the difference.

We've completely reimagined fit.

3 silicon sizes - a comfortable & confident fit for every single ear. 

OK, so what now?

The Between Pro will launch
Dec. 1st 2020 for $169

However, we are launching an exclusive pre-order at the end of September for just $99. 


Coming Dec. 2020

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This price will be available on Indiegogo only for a brief window. After that, it goes up to $169. 

Status Audio was founded in 2014 by James Bertuzzi, an NYC-based musician, producer, and audio engineer.

The mission at Status Audio simple: bring audiophile standards to the masses, and do so with a simple, minimalist design aesthetic.

Praise for Status Audio:

James Bertuzzi
Founder & CEO, Status Audio