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$169 is 

not cheap. 

Not when you can buy a pair of earphones on Amazon for $20. 

So if that's you, then we aren't for you.

But you don't want to settle for just good enough earbuds.

You care.

About technology:

We use the same components as $1k+ pro audio earbuds.

Our speaker drivers (balanced armatures) are so high quality they are found in hearing aids.

About sound quality:

Our design:

Our design isn't for everyone. This is intentional.

We partnered with FriendsOf, a leading industrial design firm (also our NYC neighbors).

It started with some sketches:

Then some CAD designs...

We ended up with this:

How it's going:

Last year, we completed a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign:

And shipped the Between Pro to over 100,000 stark-raving mad customers:

Audiophile media started paying attention, too.

"Beautifully balanced...with a bass that envelopes without overwhelming, detailed highs and clear mids"

- Gerald Lynch, TechRadar

Our mission: Design audiophile products at accessible price points. 

Since 2014, we've served hundreds of thousands of happy listeners, and hope to do the same for you.

And we make the Between Pro.

Shop now - $149

Status Audio was founded by James Bertuzzi in 2014, in Brooklyn NY.

He personally oversees all product design, manufacturing, and acoustic tuning.