BT Transfer

Dual Driver Wireless Earphones

Still waters run deep. A simple, everyday design with powerful dual driver technology under the hood.

This product has been discontinued.
  • 8 hours

    8 hours of battery life, charged via Micro-USB

  • Bluetooth 5.0.

    Latest generation Bluetooth 5.0 with Apt-X technology and multipoint pairing

  • Water resistant

    IPX-5 water resistance rating protects against sweat, rain, and splash

  • BT Transfer — Sized smart
    Sized smart

    A shallow barrel with a concave tip makes for a natural, unobtrusive look.

  • BT Transfer — Audiophile grade
    Audiophile grade

    A dual driver system (balanced armature + 9mm dynamic) provides exhilarating sound for the active audiophile.

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  • BT Transfer — Perfectly in-ear
    Perfectly in-ear

    An innovative fit-wing hugs the inner fold of your ear. The perfect mix of comfort and a secure fit.

  • BT Transfer — Full control
    Full control

    A 3 button remote with microphone. Control playback (play/pause, FF/RW, volume +/-), and enjoy crystal clear handsfree calls.

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Tech Specs
  • Wireless
  • In-ear
  • Dual driver
  • 9mm dynamic driver
  • Balanced armature driver
  • IPX-5 waterproof rating
  • 8 hrs music playback
  • 1.5 hrs charging time
  • Micro-USB charging
  • 20 Hz – 40 kHz
  • 16 ohm
  • 102 db +/- 3 db
  • 3 button remote
  • Microphone
  • Voice assistant integration
  • 22 g
  • Bluetooth 5.0. w/ Apt-X
  • cVc 6.0
  • Range: 15 meters
  • Hardshell case
BT Transfer Unboxed

-BT Transfer wireless earphones
-S/M/L/XL silicon fit-wings
-S/M/L/XL silicon earbuds
-Cable manager + shirt clip
-Micro-USB charging cable
-Hardshell carrying case


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1 Year Warranty: Status Audio is responsible for defects in materials and workmanship for one year after date of original purchase. If the defect is Status Audio's responsibility (e.g., sound is lost in one side of the headphones), the customer will be furnished with a replacement unit. User-inflicted damage is covered with a partial credit towards a replacement unit. After one year, all claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Status Audio.

Is the BT Transfer wireless?

Yes. The BT Transfer supports Bluetooth 5.0, the latest version of the most popular wireless audio standard. Using this wireless standard makes the BT One compatible with virtually every modern smartphone, tablet, computer, or television.

What is the fit of the BT Transfer?

The BT Transfer has an in-ear fit, with further support from silicon "fit-wings". The "fit-wings" hug the inner fold of your ear, providing additional security.

What if the ear tips/fit-wings don’t fit my ear?

We include four different sized ear tips (small, medium, large, and extra-large), and four different sized fit-wings (same sizing). One of these sizes will likely seal your ear properly. Most aftermarket ear-tips will fit the BT Transfer.

Does the BT Transfer support aptX? What is aptX, anyway?

Yes. The BT Transfer supports aptX, a codec (way of decoding data), that offers increased audio fidelity. aptX is only available on certain devices - mainly Android phones, laptop computers, and personal media players.

For all other devices, playback will default to SBC (Standard Bluetooth Codec).

Does the BT Transfer support multi-point pairing?

Yes. You can pair the BT Transfer to multiple devices (e.g. a phone + a computer) simultaneously. The headphones will prioritize audio output from whichever device is playing audio at that time.

For example, if you are paired to both a phone and a computer - and you receive an incoming call on your phone - the BT One will know to switch over audio output to your phone.

Is the BT Transfer water resistant?

The BT Transfer is water resistant, with an IPX-5 rating. IPX is a system that measures water resistance; IPX5 “protects [the device] from water jets in any direction.” Bottom line: you won’t have to worry about the BT Transfer getting damaged by sweat or rain, although you won't be able to submerge the BT Transfer under water.

What's the point of having two drivers?

Each of the BT Transfer drivers reproduces a different range of frequencies. The Balanced Armature driver works by passing an electric current through a coil, which is wrapped around an armature suspended between two magnets. Balanced Armature drivers are great at producing mid and high frequencies with extreme precision and detail.

The second driver is a traditional dynamic driver, also known as a moving coil driver. This is better suited for bass and sub-bass frequencies.

Working together, each driver can focus on a certain specific ranges - the result is stunning clarity and power across the entire frequency spectrum.

Does the BT Transfer have a microphone?

Yes. The BT Transfer has a microphone for taking phone calls.

What type of battery does the BT Transfer use?

The BT Transfer uses a Lithium Ion battery, which charges over Micro USB (a charging cable is included). The earphones fully charge in 90 minutes, and offer approximately eight hours of music playback.

Does the BT Transfer have volume and playback controls?

Yes, the in-line remote has controls that allow you to adjust volume, change tracks, cue up your digital assistant (Siri on iOS, Google Assistant on Android), and pickup/hangup phone calls.