Flagship ANC

Over-Ear Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Everything you ever wanted in a set of headphones, and then some. We call them "Flagship" for a reason.

30-Day Guarantee | 1-Year Warranty
$159 $199
  • 35 Hours

    35 hours of continuous music playback with wireless and Active Noise Cancelling on.

  • Active Noise Cancelling

    Market-leading noise cancellation up to 35db. Goodbye, distraction.

  • Bluetooth Wireless + Cabled

    Bluetooth 5.0. wireless, plus a trusty 3.5mm cabled input (hey, you never know).

  • Flagship ANC — Hybrid Digital Active Noise Cancelling
    Hybrid Digital Active Noise Cancelling

    We know, it's a mouthful. The flagship ANC headphones cancel a staggering amount of ambient noise, up to 40 decibels.

  • Flagship ANC — Premium everything
    Premium everything

    The highest-quality materials plus our characteristic minimalist design. They feel just as good as they look.

  • Flagship ANC — A more natural fit
    A more natural fit

    Ears have a shape that headphones should follow, not the other way around.

    Our staggered oblong ear-cup design gives you a level of comfort you've never felt before.

  • Flagship ANC — The sound that we're known for
    The sound that we're known for

    Our award-winning acoustic tuning that's wowed reviewers, audiophiles, musicians, and everyday music lovers. Plus, cutting-edge audio codecs:

  • Flagship ANC — Crystal clear communication
    Crystal clear communication

    4x external mics enable exceptionally clear, frustration-free calls, hangouts, and zooms.

    Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology reduces background noise.

    Multi-point technology allows you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously (e.g. phone + laptop).

  • Flagship ANC — Control at your fingertips
    Control at your fingertips

    Extremely accurate touch controls allow you to control music playback, adjust volume, and manage voice communication.

  • Flagship ANC — Transparency Mode
    Transparency Mode

    Place three fingers on the right ear-cup to instantly pipe in ambient noise — for a safer experience in busy urban environments.

  • Flagship ANC — Transparency Mode
    Transparency Mode

    Place three fingers on the right ear-cup to instantly pipe in ambient noise — for a safer experience in busy urban environments.

  • They fold. Ok, cool.

    Flagship ANC — <p>They <em>fold</em>. Ok, cool.</p><p></p>

    Included: a heather grey hardshell case for easy storage & protection.

    Flagship ANC — <p>They <em>fold</em>. Ok, cool.</p><p></p>
Sound Advice
Tech Specs
  • Wireless
  • Over-ear
  • Closed-back
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • 35-hour battery
  • Back-up 3.5mm cabled input
  • Bluetooth 5.0. with Apt-X HD
  • 10hz - 30kHz
  • USB-C Charging (cable included)
  • Hardshell case included
  • 4x external microphones
  • 15-meter Bluetooth range
  • 1.2 meter audio cable included
  • Voice assistant access
  • cVc noise reduction (for calls)
  • 40mm high performance drivers
  • 260 grams // 9.2 ounces
Flagship ANC Unboxed

– Flagship ANC headphones
– 1.2 meter aux audio cable
– USB-C charging cable
– Hardshell carrying case


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30 Day Performance Guarantee: We give our customers a full 30 days to try our products out, to make sure they meet and exceed expectations in all manners of comfort, style, and sound. If for whatever reason they do not, our customers are entitled to a no-questions-asked refund. U.S. customers will get free return shipping. Customers outside the U.S. are required to pay for return shipping costs.


1 Year Warranty: Status Audio is responsible for defects in materials and workmanship for one year after date of original purchase. If the defect is Status Audio's responsibility (e.g., sound is lost in one side of the headphones), the customer will be furnished with a replacement unit. User-inflicted damage is covered with a partial credit towards a replacement unit. After one year, all claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Status Audio.