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"Beautifully balanced...with a bass that envelopes without overwhelming, detailed highs and clear mids"
“I was blown away...sound quality that rivals headphones twice as much”

Ridiculous comfortability and sound

I've never had a pair of earbuds that fit this well AND sounded this clear! The seal is so good that I can listen at a normal level even when mowing the yard. The fit is snug and comfortable so I can wear them for an hour workout/run and never have them fall out or hurt my ears. Best ear buds EVER!

Between Pro - Simply the Best

I have been using Status Audio products for the last year and I must say that the Between Pro product blew me away! The sound was crisp and clear, perfect noise cancellation and also the design is almost as crisp as the sound. Absolutely perfect for an audiophile on the move! Would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a great set of earphones without breaking the bank!

Hi fidelity in an earbud!

The sound quality blew me away. I DJ, and pre-listening to tracks is like the real deal with all the frequency levels clearly bringing the instrument sound spectrums to your ears. I’ve purchased this for my son and his a big fan. Keep up the great work!

12 + 36 hours

Better Battery
12 hours of continuous music playback in the buds alone, with 36 more hours inside the charging case.

Hybrid Triple Driver

Better Sound
Two balanced armature drivers + one dynamic driver in each earbud. Ultra-wide frequency response with stunning clarity.

Water Resistant

Better Materials
IPX-5 water resistance rating protects against sweat, rain, and splashes.
Between Pros are wireless earbuds at their best.

Wireless earbuds seem like a convenient alternative. But most offerings on the market compromise your listening experience with low-quality components and engineering. We set out to change that.

The Status Between Pros are the world's first triple-driver earbuds. With six components and powerful microchip technology housed in a sleek, all-metal sleeve, the sound they produce is unlike anything you've heard from wireless earbuds.

How does Status Audio hold up to the competition?