A new approach

I created Status Audio to bring true audiophile standards to a wider audience, and dispense with annoying trends: too much branding, juvenile design, and high prices that don’t correlate with actual quality

James Bertuzzi, Founder of Status Audio

James Bertuzzi personally overseas product development and manufacturing.

No gimmicks,
just brilliant sound.
From the establishment

“Status’s BT Ones are the best under-$100 wireless headphones you can buy”

Sarah Rense, Esquire

The BT One headphones are wirelessly compatible with virtually every modern device.

All Android phones + tablets.


All Apple devices - iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc.


All Modern TVs, Laptops, PCs & Phones.

Virturally every modern phone, laptop, PC AND Television that supports Bluetooth will sync wirelessly to the BT One.
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They also have a cabled connection

So plug in if you want to

And they come with a case

(that you’ll actually use)