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Simple, beautiful tools for everyday listening.

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BT Transfer

The ultimate go-anywhere wireless earbuds

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  • "The audio community digs it. People trying to save a few bucks dig it. And we're sure you'll be a fan, too."

  • "It's hard to expect much from headphones around $100, but Status has raised the bar"

  • "Status Audio may be a new name...the sound quality is as good as I've heard for the money"

  • "wallet-friendly headphones with legit audio chops"

  • "I'm happy to affirm that the 'just sound' standard has been met by Status Audio"

BT One

The new standard in wireless audio

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BT Structure

Perfect fit + impeccable sound, designed for movement

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We think people are at their best when they are listening. So we design things that make listening easier, more intuitive, and more inspiring.

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