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Great sound isn't a mystery.

Balanced armature drivers. Used in the BT Structure, BT Transfer, and IEM-2X.
Better drivers

Drivers produce sound. Better drivers produce more expansive, more detailed, more inspiring sound. This seemed like an obvious place to splurge - and we did.

Most headphones have artificially boosted mid-bass which creates a bloated, muddy sound that drowns out mids and highs (think vocals, guitars, synths).

We go deeper

We focus on sub/low bass (20–100hz) — the deep vibrations you get when experiencing sound in a live setting. Natural, exhilarating bass.

The difference is in the curve:

sub/low bass mid-bass
  • US: Sub/low bass extension.

    Big, clear, visceral sound that feels just right.

  • THEM: Excess mid-bass.

    A bloated, unnatural sound that misrepresents recorded music.

Better ears

When sound is reproduced properly, it doesn’t need to be played so loud to have emotional impact. We strive to create a listening experience that resonates at any volume.