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A look at listening

People are wonderfully complex in what they listen to, and how they listen. We have unprecedented access to our favorite artists, and can dial in sound suited to any mood, mindset, or aspiration.

Our taste defies genres and labels — none of us are so easy to define.

Great sound speaks for itself

Yet today's audio brands underestimate the modern listener - with excessively designed, heavily branded, overpriced products.

Out of touch with how people actually listen, everything felt like it was just trying too hard.

Different priorities

We cut out the inessentials, and focus on what matters: Impeccable sound, premium materials, and high quality components - like our driver units, which are comparable to those found in far more expensive professional products.

We avoid the excess of luxury, the chaos of trends, and choose substance over hype.

For a different listener

We celebrate people who set their own standards, and live a life of their own design. Our products are defined by what you listen to, where you go, and the discoveries you make along the way.

What we make

Simple, high quality tools for everyday listening.

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