9 Reasons Why iSheeps Are Ditching Their Airpods For Status Audio's Game-Changing Earbuds 🎉

Michael W. 

Jan 9, 2024
In Partnership with Status Audio

Here are the big nine reasons why Apple super-fans are opting for Status Audio's revolutionary earbud 'Between 3ANC' over their sound-distorting, uncomfortable, alternatives.

1. Award-Winning Sound Clarity

The Between 3 ANC earbuds harness an award-winning triple driver system, to deliver crystal-clear sound. Like the enhanced earbuds musicians use on stage, that means each earbud contains a separate speaker driver for the treble, mids, and bass for a richer, more detailed sound. This is truly a first of its kind and can't be found in any other retail earbuds. With Between 3 ANC, you enjoy every note in its purest form.

2. Comfort Meets Innovation

With their distinctive, non-generic design, these earbuds don't just make a statement they offer a comfortable, secure fit for long listening sessions. Designed with user comfort in mind, these earbuds come with multiple eartip sizes and fitwings. Whether you're commuting, working out, or relaxing, the earbuds stay securely and comfortably in place, providing an unmatchable listening experience. The perfect blend of form and function for every scenario.

3. 12 Hours of Non-Stop, Adventure-Ready Sound

Outlasting standard AirPods by a staggering 140%, the Status Audio Between 3 ANC earbuds promise 12 hours of uninterrupted, adventure-ready sound. Their water and sweat-proof design ensures your listening experience remains pristine, no matter the weather or activity.

4. Active Noise Cancellation Without Compromise 

Imagine a noisy commute transformed into a serene personal concert. The Between 3 ANC earbuds feature effective noise cancellation that blocks out distractions without sacrificing audio quality. They offer the best solution for immersive sound without the distraction of external noise.

5. Precision Sound at Your Command

Right off the bat, the Between 3 ANC earbuds nail it with sound that's just perfect for your daily playlist. But for those who love to tweak their tunes, the EQ settings in the app are a dream. Crank up the bass or clarify those highs with just a few taps. And the touch controls? Pure ease. A tap to skip, a swipe to volume up - it's all effortlessly intuitive. Whether you're a sound geek or just love great music, these earbuds put you in the driver's seat.

6. Over $60mm Sold in the Last 36 Months

Status Audio has sold over $60mm of these earbuds, making them one of the fastest growing audio brands in recent history. With coverage in top publications like TechRadar claiming "supreme comfort and a warm, inviting sound", the Between 3 ANC earbuds are blazing a path into the homes of millions to deliver the standard of quality we've been screaming for since the tragic let down of AirPods Gen 2.

7. An Audio Brand With a Different DNA

Created by musicians and audiophiles, Status Audio has effectively disrupted an entire industry and have redefined what premium audio means. This commitment to changing the game and innovating a listening experience that's as revolutionary as it is affordable, make them THE top choice for earbuds in 2024.

8. Risk-Free Trial, Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you're seeking unmatched audio quality, the Between 3 ANC is a perfect choice, and you’ll likely be recommending them to friends. That's why Status Audio offers a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to experience the excellence risk-free.

9. A Sound Investment That Won't Break the Bank

Think beyond those high-priced mainstream earbuds. Between 3 ANC isn’t just competing; it's dominating with superior sound quality that overshadows the big brands. Imagine getting a richer, more immersive audio experience for less – that's Between 3 ANC for you. Plus, there's a sweet deal: save $50 and enjoy free shipping and returns. It’s not just a smart buy; it’s a leap into superior sound, leaving the overpriced competition in the dust.


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