Earbuds with subwoofers.

The deepest bass you’ve ever heard in an earbud.

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Status 3ANC

10mm Dynamic Driver (subwoofer for bass)

2x Additional Speakers (for detailed mids and treble)

App with presets and custom EQ

Don't just trust our Marketing.
Trust your own Ears.

Bass Response

Bass produced through strong hardware will sound powerful and crisp, without compromising the sound of other instruments.

Bass is artificially boosted in single-speaker earbuds. Which just makes it sound loud.

Instrument Separation

With high quality earbuds, you should be able distinguish each instrument clearly.

One instrument should not overwhelm or bury another.

With earbuds that use lower end components, it will be difficult to pick out each layer.

Stereo Imaging

Software can't beat good Hardware.

High end hardware that uses multiple speakers allows us to create incredible immersion.

However, most companies use software for 3D effects (Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos) to artificially mimic imaging, which lets them save on costs.

Good bass on these little things?

X-ray view of an electric toothbrush.

Yep. 1 of our 3 speakers is completely dedicated to low frequencies.

No Artificial Tuning

Deep bass in its truest form: No artificial tuning of low end.

15hz Deeper

We go down to 5hz, compared to the standard 20hz.

Dedicated Driver

An entire 10mm driver dedicated just to the bass.

A subwoofer changes everything.

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Between 3ANC



The Between 3ANC's triple-driver system delivers unparalleled sound clarity, offering a deeply immersive and high-fidelity audio experience. Feel the bass in your bones, and let the highs take you somewhere new.


1x Between 3ANC Earbuds

Charging Case

USB-C Charging Cable

S/M/L Silicone Fitwings

S/M/L Silicone Earbuds

Status Audio Mobile App

Pick a Color:


4 interest-free payments or as low as $18/mo with

Crushing the market leaders.

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Between 3ANC

Exploded view of a metal pop-up sink drain assembly.

Hybrid Triple Driver

Exploded view of a metal pop-up sink drain assembly.

8 hours

Battery Life

Active Noise Cancelling & Transparency Mode

Two smartphones displaying earbuds control app with equalizer settings.

App with custom EQ


AirPods Pro 2

A speaker with a number 1 badge on it.

Single Driver

Exploded view of a metal pop-up sink drain assembly.

5 hours

Battery Life

Active Noise Cancelling & Transparency Mode

Two smartphones displaying earbuds control app with equalizer settings.

No app

30-Day Sound Check

Need to hear it yourself to be sure? We have an at-home trial period with free returns.

Order directly on our site

Try the 3ANC for up to 30 days

Initiate a free return and easy USPS drop-off

Everything you need in a true wireless earbud.

38db Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

The Between 3ANC’s -38dB Hybrid ANC leverages dual-mic technology for superior noise cancellation, offering an immersive, undisturbed listening oasis.

Status EQ App

Customize your acoustic experience, controlling each frequency range individually. Plus, save listening presets, receive firmware updates, & more. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Six beamforming microphones with ENR

Sharply reduce environmental noise for crystal-clear calls, even in bustling surroundings.

IPX-5 Water Resistance

Ensures your earbuds are protected from sweat and rain, making them perfect for all your adventures, no matter the setting.

Wireless earbuds next to open charging case with jump rope and weight plate.

Award-Winning Ergonomic Design

The Between 3ANC builds on the industrial design that won a Red Dot Design Award in 2022. Be bold while enjoying a fit that maximizes comfort.

Industry-Leading Battery Life

8 hours of continuous playback with ANC on and 12 hours with ANC off. Case holds 3 full charges. Long-lasting audio enjoyment for any occasion.

Transparency Mode

Blend your music with the world around you, ensuring you stay aware and safe without sacrificing audio enjoyment.

Easy Connection 
to ANY Device

Multipoint Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless pairing with any of your devices — and seamless switching between them.

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